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Corporate Law & Services

Corporate Law

We advise domestic companies and international groups on a wide range of corporate matters; review/draft contracts; perform due diligence; and advise on all corporate aspects of M&A and Restructurings.

Incorporation of Companies

We provide advice on choice of vehicle/structure; drafting of Articles of Incorporation; liaise between all involved parties, notaries and the administration; filing and publication of all necessary documentation.


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Domiciliation Services

  1. Provision of a registered address;

  2. Handling of mail and written communications;

  3. Corporate house-keeping

  4. Hosting of Board & Shareholders’ Meetings

  5. Provision of Shared workspace

If needed, we can assist with the outsourcing of secure online services provided by 3rd party CSSF PSF certified companies:

  1. Network Storage

  2. VPN

  3. Domain/Email

  4. Exchange/Server

Corporate Secretarial Services

  1. Liasing with all involved parties to prepare and distribute the Agenda and Documentation for Board & Ordinary and Extraordinary General Shareholders’ Meetings

  2. Preparation and Distribution of the Minutes;

  3. Filing of the Annual Accounts and Publication of Notices in Memorial C

  4. Provide Administrative assistance in day-to-day running of the company

  5. Handling of payments

  6. Mandates of non executive directors

  7. Provision of part time employees (receptionist, assistants, etc.)

Liquidation of companies

  1. Liaising and coordination between all relevant parties

  2. Drafting and/or Review of all relevant documentation for the general meeting of shareholders

  3. Assistance to liquidators to manage liability risks

  4. Filing of Publications

Tax and Accounting Services

We work with a select group of highly qualified Accountants and Luxembourg Tax Specialists.

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