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Increased workloads, changing regulatory environments and the need to keep costs under control lead more and more companies to rethink their approach to legal services. The traditional approaches of in house counsel and/or time-spent based engagements of law firms are becoming less financially sustainable. McSorley Legal understands the needs and budgets of our clients and we provide a simple budget friendly solution...

We manage all, or part, of our client’s legal needs for a fixed term at a fixed rate. Combining our expertise in our field with the expertise of a select group of highly specialised legal and tax professionals, we provide our clients an affordable outsourced solution.

As the specific needs of our local and international clients are quite diverse and require varying levels of involvement, we will design a program and a budget to fit the needs of companies of all sizes.

To learn more about how our solutions can fit your legal services needs, please contact us.


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