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Need a lawyer for a short term? When you face an overload due to a new project, the absence of your in-house counsel for holiday or parental leave, or have need to support an in house counsel temporarily to assist with various situations that may arise, we will:

  1. match your specific needs with a qualified lawyer and/or paralegal to integrate into your team;

  1. work out of your offices; and

  1. provide you with the legal service for a pre-negotiated fixed fee.

We can assign, in secondment, a qualified and experienced lawyer for a day or for the length of project on a full or part time basis, for a reasonable flat fee. The lawyer provided will serve as an in house counsel, dedicated, during the allocated time, solely to your legal service needs on your premises (or at distance in our office) to answer any questions you may have as the in-house counsel would. You pay only the pre-negotiated flat fee and nothing more. Their time is your time and they will be available to you for 8 hours a day.

What specialities will the lawyer have?

Based on the nature of the request and the specific field of law required for the job, we will endeavor to match the right lawyer to your needs. Prior to the engagement we will send you the profile of the lawyer we have identified for your project and confirm with you they meet needs of your organization.

For a more lengthy duration requiring a team of lawyers, you may want to consider our Managed Legal Service Solution.


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