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Google analytics:
Etude McSorley Legal uses Google services to track web traffic trends and critical SEO information as well as providing advertising content on our websites.


ETude McSorley Legal uses the services of Statcounter to track individual visitor specific information such as IP address, ISP information, geographic location, date and time of visit, length of visit, entrance and exit pages, pages visited, time spent on specific pages, download history, SEO keyword information, came from pages (visits resulting from direct links on other websites) and the path of the visitor while on the Etude McSorley Legal websites. This information is crucial to providing visitor oriented content for the site. etude McSorley Legal respects your privacy and does not and will not share any of this information with any third party unless required by law. Information received and stored by Etude McSorley Legal is temporary. In other words, Etude McSorley Legal has access to a log kept by Statcounter and no access to this information after 500 entries have been made to this log.

The use of cookies and the personal information collected directly by the Etude McSorley Legal websites

At Etude McSorley Legal, we work diligently to protect the privacy of our visitors. We recognize that your privacy is of paramount importance so we have created this Cookie/Privacy Policy to better explain exactly how personal information is used and managed on our site each time you visit and how we take steps to keep that information safe.

You can be assured that any information collected by the Etude McSorley Legal websites is purely for your benefit and is never sold or passed on to third parties. Like many websites various information is logged when you first visit our site. This information includes your internet service provider, what web browser you are using, what time you chose to visit our site, what pages you have visit, how you found our site, what pages you visited on our site and what your IP address is.

We also utilize cookies to store information so that when you visit our site your preferences and various other choices that you have made are saved. For instance on many websites a cookie is used to allow you to only have to log in to a site once, when you visit in the future you can choose to be logged in automatically.

Etude McSorley Legal takes no responsibility for cookies or personal data collected from other websites including those linked directly by our websites.


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